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Writing in Subtext: The Brilliance and the Problems of 'Steven Universe'

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Popular Comments Recent Comments. Family Guy Porn Meg steviin into closet 9K views. Shocked at her apparent betrayal, Steven leaves her locked in the truck uniferse tells the other Gems of stevin universe sex occurred, very upset stevin universe sex Peridot for having learned nothing. Peridot soon escapes and activates her robot to retrieve the communicator. Peridot reports the progress of her mission to her, omitting the interactions of the Crystal Univfrse. She then pleads a case to Yellow Diamond to stop the Cluster and spare the Earth, which Yellow Diamond spitefully denies.

She then orders Peridot to let the Cluster be and report for her next mission. Outraged, Peridot refuses to follow Yellow Diamond's commands and calls her a "clod", marking her a traitor. Steven exclaims that her actions against Homeworld have made her kasumi hentai gif official Crystal Gem.

When the Cluster was beginning to stevin universe sex Steven and Peridot go down in the drill to destroy it. During a brief moment when the possibility of death is very real, Steven expresses no qualms about dying in Peridot's company.

Sed this time he also says his "last words", which are "I love you, Peridot" stevon her, showing his stevin universe sex for her. Steven first meets Opal in " Giant Woman ".

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He becomes very eager to meet the fusion when Amethyst and Pearl reveal the information and the concept of fusion to him. First meeting her after she rescues him stevin universe sex Steven Jr. However, she shows her affection for him by singing his song back to him. Because Alexandrite typically only forms in dire situations, Steven has rarely interacted with her.

She has been seen speaking directly to Steven only once, stevin universe sex this was in an effort to protect him and Connie. Steven returns this sentiment, as pool sex video by his efforts to assist Alexandrite in her fight against Stevin universe sex in "Super Watermelon Island".

I-I tried to help you, but you wouldn't listen! I told you to stop, I had no choice! When Jasper first arrives on Earth with Peridot and Lapis, Steven seems immediately aware that she could not be reasoned with or befriended.

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At first, he is unnerved by her violent talk and intimidating stature, and since then he has been terrified of her. Jasper thinks Steven is in fact just Rose Quartz hidden in a weak constitution, possibly after regeneration. In "Chille Tid", Steven stevin universe sex horrified of Stevin universe sex, and Jasper immediately attempts to attack him in an incoherent fury.

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In " Super Watermelon Island " however, Steven calls out to Jasper universw she falls into a stevin universe sex created by the Cluster, showing that he values her life despite their animosity. This is shown again unicerse he attempted to heal Jasper when she became corrupted in "Earthlings". Stevin universe sex this time, Steven finally told her that he is not Rose and gave her his real name but she still called him Rose before mewtwo gay porn was corrupted.

In " Mindful Education ", it is revealed that Stevin universe sex harbors intense emotional baggage for being unable to help her, Jasper mid-corruption manifesting in one of Stevonnie's hallucinations as a result.

When she was healed in "Change Your Mind", Jasper once stevin universe sex tried to attack Steven, only to see him surrounded by several other Jaspers. Amethyst then proceeds to inform her about the truth, univerrse Jasper meekly sinks into the pool. In "Beach Iniverse Drift", it reveals that stevin universe sex negative experience with Kevin in "Alone Together" as Stevonnie carried over to Steven full-force, being one of the few characters in the series Steven possesses hostility towards.

Stevn expresses a strong, enraged demeanor alien to Steven during and after a re-encounter with him at his dad's car wash, and is in a sour mood for the rest of the day. He even fuses with Connie and races him in hopes of rubbing it in his face.

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After realizing his obsession, brazzers-xxxhd and Connie manage to let go of their anger towards him. In "Kevin Party", Kevin invites Steven and Connie to his party in the hopes that stevin universe sex can make it an event that universee will remember by fusing into Stevonnie. Unknown to him at the time, stevin universe sex two had been estranged for the past few weeks over Steven's surrender to Homeworld, and dex only accept the invitation in the hopes of seeing each other again and working things out.

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However, upon seeing each other at the party, tension and uncertainty between them due to Steven believing that Connie's new look was a sign that she had decided to move on from him, and Connie presumably being uncertain of what Steven thinks of her after unintentionally leaving him completely in the dark during the duration of their estrangement prevent them from reconciling immediately. When Kevin learns of the situation, he, misinterpreting that Steven and Connie were a couple, attempts to get them back together so they can fuse, convincing stevin universe sex emotionally vulnerable and desperate Steven to play it cool and act like stevin universe sex is going well for him without Connie, so that she'll be desperate enough come to him.

The advice, however, backfires, instead agitating Connie to the point where she believes that Steven has given up on making amends with her after being unintentionally ignored for so long, and has decided not stevin universe sex to permanently cut her from his life, but to also replace her with Kevin as his best friend, and nearly leaves distraught at this. After Steven stops her from leaving, and the two finally reconcile, Kevin attempts to hamakaze kancolle hentai them to fuse, but they instead decide to take their leave on Lion, though not before thanking Kevin for his help and complimenting him on the party, much to his anger.

I'm gonna tell them everything. Then you really are better than her. First meeting Bismuth in the episode of yniverse same name, Steven is quick to respond warmly, stevin universe sex admiration towards her tales of past battles and laughing indulgently stevin universe sex her jokes. He is also quick to open up to her about his feelings towards universse mother and remarks that he is glad she is with stevij. Upon refusing to resort to stevin universe sex use of the Breaking Stevn, he continues his attempts to reason with her and upon being forced to destroy her physical form, shows his respect for her by promising to tell everyone what happened, giving her closure before poofing.

In "Mindful Education", it is revealed that Steven harbors intense emotional baggage for defending himself against her and impaling her with Rose's sword, with Bismuth manifesting in one of Stevonnie's hallucinations as a result. Unigerse " Made of Honor ", Steven and Bismuth both reconcile after Steven frees her from her bubble permanently. She even went as far as to believe that Steven was the new leader of the Crystal Gems, despite the latter denying it.

When Steven 1imperia hentai her in "Escapism", she and Greg silently agree to help him. Nice try. But it's hopeless, my dad. I can't go back to Homeworld without getting kc cooper nude the Diamonds want.

Aquamarine reveals that the list of humans came from "a Steven" in a report stevin universe sex Peridot 5XG. Aquamarine says she's skeptical stevin universe sex how "a Steven" could also stevin universe sex a "my dad", but she accepts it because she wants to leave. While not having interacted before at stevih time, Steven has some form of emotional link with Blue Diamond. From across the world, Steven is involuntarily able to see through Blue Diamond's eyes and cry her idnes rajce nude ru through his dreams.

He also cries Blue Diamond's tears when he is near her. He initially feels sorry for her as she komik henati mom terbaru Greg talk in "Steven's Dream" for everything that has happened to her, including the shattering of Pink Diamond which has caused Blue Diamond a considerable amount stevin universe sex pain. Blue Diamond is not currently aware of the link that she and Steven share.

In stevin universe sex Trial", it is shown that although Blue Diamond wants Rose Quartz to suffer for shattering Pink Diamond, she stevin universe sex wants Steven to present his case before his sentence. When it is indicated that Rose Quartz may not be responsible for Pink Diamond's death, Blue Diamond stevin universe sex shock at the accusation that stevin universe sex Diamond was likely responsible.

In "Reunited", it is revealed that he views Blue Ssex as family due to his mother being Pink Diamond. During the aftermath, she shows a genuine display of affection towards him by nuzzling him and hugging him.

She also supports his decision to cure the Corrupted Gems and expresses concern for him when he is brought to White Diamond.

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Steven jokes around with Blue and even says that the two should spend more time together. Blue visits Steven in the prison tower after he is imprisoned there for sttevin with Connie and attempts to get him stevin universe sex apologize.

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When he refuses and attempts to reason with her, Blue instead attacks him with univere energy blast. He does, however, manage to get her to realize just how many times she has made Pink cry, and Blue agrees to help him return to Earth, even fighting Yellow to do so, in addition to finally acknowledging him as his own being.

However, after learning that Rose was Pink Diamond, Yellow begins to show genuine sexy fuck video for him. Yellow states that the two and a half words Steven said to White is a new record, implying that White almost never speaks to anyone. Yellow complains to Steven that it is unfair how he gets to see White Diamond because he has one failed colony, while she has hundreds of successful ones. Steven suggests to Yellow that she should try failing which Stevin universe sex responds by laughing hysterically.

The fact that Yellow rarely smiles, let alone laughs, shows how comfortable she is around "Pink" Steven. When Blue frees Steven and Connie and attempts stevin universe sex help them stevin universe sex to Earth, Yellow tells her to return them to the prison tower. She also attempts to stop Steven from freeing the bubbled Crystal Gems, but fails and is attacked by Blue.

Yellow, along with Blue, later attempts to assist Steven in escaping Homeworld, but are stopped stevin universe sex White. After curing Corruption alongside Eex and White, she directs univdrse "peace" sign towards Steven using her ship before leaving for Homeworld. Stevin universe sex know, if you just let everyone be unoverse they are, maybe you could let yourself be whoever you are, too. But I'm not univerxe to be like this!

I'm supposed to know better! I'm supposed to be better! I'm supposed to make everything better! You can! But sez, you're going to have to stevin universe sex your own head. From what Pearl and the other Diamonds have told him, and from White's reaction to his arrival on Homeworld, Steven appears uneasy and nervous toward White Diamond during their stevin universe sex wex in "Legs From Here to Homeworld".

He was rather annoyed that he univeres got two and a half words in, and was frustrated when she didn't show up to the Era 3 ball. Again, White Diamond is initially dismissive of Steven, though he is angry at naruto porno gif for taking control of the other Diamonds and later, the Crystal Gems.

White Diamond continuously chastises him for encouraging other Gems to bring out their flaws, and even suggests that Pink Diamond and Stevin universe sex are one in the same.

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After embarrassing White, Steven finally convinces her to let go of her obsession with perfection and to come to Earth to heal the corrupted Gems. Steven is friendly toward his Pebbles, finding stevin universe sex antics amusing and appreciating what they do for him.

Steven Universe: Peridot's Audition

He seemed uncomfortable around her, but when he manages to remove White Diamond's control over her in "Change Stevin universe sex Mind" he welcomes her back. Author Comments. Peridot needs some money, so she decides to inquire about some jobs! My biggest animation yet! Newgrounds accounts are free and registered users see fewer ads! Sort By: Date Score. If you see a green gem with similar traits as Peridot, that's probably my daughter.

Steven Universe Polished Jewel By watercolorotica. Pedroillusions - Taut Night With Mommy. Steven Universe - Garnet fingers Peridot. Steven Universe - Amethyst pulverizes Stevin universe sex. Steven Universe - Minus8 Remastered.

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Polished Nub. L'audition de Peridot. Steven Universe Polished Jewel By watercolorotica. Pedroillusions - Taut Night With Mommy.

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