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Cows are 2transformation porn gif She looks like a normal teenage female to me. Just because her boy-like bottom looks appealing to you, doesn't mean Ellie was sexualized, tbh.

Elloe what? I'm not saying I want to have sex with her, that would be creepy, Lat saying that a guy shouldn't feel bad for finding a girl of that age cute, once the girl gets boobs ellie from the last of us nude ass, any guy can be attracted to her.

I was right the OP did do another topic about being excited about last of us being a pedo game AD You're trying scarily hard to justify your attraction to 14 year olds. I get what he's saying though If you are at a distance and you can't see facial features to help you determine age, all you see is curves Where you at, wasdie?

Wllie have no ellie from the last of us nude in searching for pics of little girls Or I have to comment on my extreme disappointment in how this thread was worded. Sort of Granted I have zero problems with the game or Ellie's character. In fact she's one of my favorites ever. The thing is that I do sort of see how someone could see that her character was somehow sexualized throughout the game.

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But not because her "badonk-a-donk" was visible. But thematically yes, there's a hint of it. The way her relationship with Joel progresses, even though it very blatantly is using her as someone representing the pain of his own loss of his daughter 20 years prior, also shows a hint of what SOME may deem as "sexual energy". I felt it a little bit.

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But not enough to feel uncomfortable or seem out of place or offensive. But that was just to me.

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The problem is that I was expecting this sort of ellie from the last of us nude theme being explored in this thread, and what I got was, "she's got a nice ass in tight jeans and her booty all up in your face and yowza! My bad! Though I like that games can cause this kind of thing.

It's pretty sad that some people seem to think that having digimon kari hentai in video games that aren't all straight white people is "pandering".

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Yeah, they would have done the love story no matter grom. People had been accusing them of playing the th gay angle for "political" reasons or whatever, and Bruce was just saying "no, actually, we just ellei that it had to happen because we'd already established Riley as a girl. Disney nude belle still would have taken the story in that direction if she'd been a boy. Here is the link for the question and the answer: After reading the whole AMA discussion again i think that Bruce's answer was pretty straightforward no ambiguitybut maybe that is just my interpretation.

Speaking of interpretations He had this debate with Ashley Johnson about that scene. Just let me know what you think. For some reason I was still thinking about Neil, even though you said you were talking about Bruce, lol.

I can see how that can be interpreted as you said. The fault is mine. I wasn't specific enough. I've said that it was ND's statment when in fact it was just Bruce Straley's. Sorry, my bad. Food for thought: How many tthe do you see a clearly forced love-relationship or kiss between a man and is woman in movies or shows, that should really not be there in the first place because said man and ellie from the last of us nude have not shown any cue of being interested in each other at any given time?

But the moment someone has the crom to portray clear and obvious social-cues and kisses and relationships in a casual manner not a look at me I'm gay! Or look at me I'm not white! Half life porn cosplay will accept a non-necessary and forced relationship or kiss over one that is justifiable, and cute, and that has all of the right reasons of being portrayed in the selected medium.

Ellue Ellie and Riley have their kiss. If the creator of TLOU admits she is a is, then she is a lesbian and it is thus not up for debate. Perhaps if he had not admitted this, there could be speculations on whether Ellie is one of the following; bisexual or pansexual but not straight.

First, there are obvious cues and moments in Left Behind I ellie from the last of us nude unsure of American Dream because I did not 1rape horse hentai rule 34 xxx up on it where Ellie teh even Riley show affection for one another as stated by many other users here.

Meaning that their kiss was justified, and not a out-of-the-blue teenager trying kisses on 2marge simpson fucks bart photos same sex situation. In the photo booth, it clearly feels like they are on an awkward date as stated. Ndue, as stated, why boobs milk sex insect sex porn adult comic Riley give up on her dream if they were only friends?

It does not make sense. Second, the moment leading to the kiss has the right tension and insecurity one would feel before going forth with it. Surely many who have played the DLC and were not aware of the kiss felt this tension nkde the ellie from the last of us nude, and crossed their fingers that it would happen because It can happen.

Third, Ellie did not show any nudde interest in Sam sorry guys and girls and those who are neutral. In TLOU it could be said that Ellie is ellie from the last of us nude, giddy, or happy to have a friend her age again, or close, which is very understandable. This does not mean that she has to show affection and love and desire though. Finally, if Riley was a male and possibly white little to no players would complain about the kiss, whether or not the cues and affection are present or the creator forced it like so many shows and movies.

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A large amount of the players would not bother to question Ellie's sexuality if she had kissed male Riley. There would not have ellie from the last of us nude a backlash where people would claim that there is a slight possibility of Ellie being bisexual, lesbian, or pansexual. If ND confirmed that she was straight, no one, or not many, would bother trying to get people to believe she could still be anything but straight. In conclusion; the creator's comment, the scene in Left behind, and the blatant lack of romantic interest in TLOU with Sam should leave players with ,ast doubts about Ellie's sexuality homosexual if truly admited by ND, or bisexual or pansexual if not admited.

There is no use desi boy nude fuck pussy and denying.

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LGBTQA people exist, and have the right to be portrayed in any medium just as heterosexual males and females are. Nowhere in that interview does she say she disagrees with either of them. She hinted that in some ways they may see it from different angles, but she was very vague, and diplomatic, really. She's sounding like Bruce really, with the whole "who cares? I think she just didn't want to say anything too declarative because it's really not her place to say- she's not the writer of this ellie from the last of us nude.

In the end, Ellie from the last of us nude say that the people who actually wrote and literally created this character are the real authorities on the matter. Ashley's performance is still ultimately manipulated by the director especially given that this is motion capture, not straight live-action performances There's things that Neil knows about this character that nobody else knows, because she's his own creation.

Everbody has a different opinion on this matter, even the voice-actor that played Ellie herself One question: Just curious Becuase if devs said that she is gay, than she is gay. No potentially bisexual, bisexual, pansexual,etc. Ellie from the last of us nude gay. Are you affraid that there is a sequel where something will change and you are not entirely sure?

Is it because of the homophobes? Or are there other reasons? Because if Brad Pitt says he is heterosexual, than he IS heterosexual, no potentially bisexual, pansexual, whatever. If you support something, than support it fully. Because we are not entirely sure what Ellie's sexual orientation is For example, I believe that Ellie is bisexual, because I think that she feels attracted to people because of their character.

Also, Bruce Straley said that it wouldn't have been different if Riley would have been a boy Where as MayonEgg for example, thinks that Ellie is gay, because Neil Druckmann has repeatedly said so I think those people are just ones who haven't read that particular interview with Neil where he says he wrote her anthem hentai porn gay. So maybe they think Neil is maybe one of those people? I dunno. And the thing is, someone like Brad Pitt can declaratively say "I'm straight," because he's a real big butt black mama nude. In the confines of a story, especially in a context like TLOU, it would feel out of place for Ellie to say something like "I'm gay," or to "come out.

Doesn't mean that blow job videos animated "don't support it fully. And you know what i think? I think that in the beginnig he was like: What about all those ellie from the last of us nude never read even one line in kotaku, gaygamer, ign? That just bought the dlc and saw it as they did?

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Are they wrong, because they interpret the source material differently? You know there are other words that he could use instead; like non-heterosexual, queer good meaning. Because if you say gay or lesbian, that's pretty definitive answer. One last thing: And we allways look for what we have now, not what ellie from the last of us nude could potentially have potentially jungle girl attack of the tentacles could also kiss a boy or giraffe, nobody talks about it because it didn't happen.

If there is no further indication that she could be bisexual, then there is no need to speculate it. You don't strike me as any of above options that you mentioned. Will this discussion never end for little Ellie?

Personally I have ellie from the last of us nude her to be asexual. I am not surprise that people don't agree with Druckmann ellie from the last of us nude Ellie is gay. It just like people didn't agree with him about his take on the ending.: I'm of the mind that we go with the information presented to us. Ellie has shown no interest in guys, but has shown a profound, romantic interest in girls.

So with that information, I conclude that she's gay. I personally don't see the need to "speculate" about whether or not she may hypothetically connect with a male partner in the future because that information isn't there. I take it at face value, just as I take it at face value when the princess kisses prince charming that they're straight.

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I don't think that this kiss was ellie from the last of us nude in to confuse people about Ellie from the last of us nude sexuality and to raise a million questions like it has.

Theres a lot inbetween, but like I said, I don't really think that this particular moment is meant to make us speculate to that degree. To speculate at all, really. And then Neil said that he wrote the character as gay, so, I'd say end of story, lets all go home, personally.

But here we are, still talking about it lol. I hope this message of my mine will be the last thing on this topic but i suspect that probably not. Druckmann's opinion, Ashley's opinion, whatever opinion. The only thing that matters is how you experience the games as the player. How you interpret the story. Because in the end, source matterial should tell the story, not what you hear behind the scenes. If you think that she is gay, then fine. If you wonder woman pron that she is bisexual, also fine.

Whatever you can fairy tail sex up with and source material doesn't disapprove-it's fine.

Because that is all we have, and nothing else.

The last of us 2 - Winter (adult Ellie x Joel) - mpsbb.info

I agree with your the last of us porn in general, that we should experience these great games for ourselves and download games porn kartun apk free look too much to other sources for information.

For instance, you ellie from the last of us nude definately react to the ending of the main game for yourself before reading interviews or articles fo it. BUT, I don't think that something like someone's sexual orientation is something that you "interpret.

Ellie's age is established as 14 when she has that little in-game convo with Joel. Or, if we didn't know her age and Neil just said "it's 14," people would accept that as her canon age.

And in the fact the Ellie from the last of us nude said that she is gay. Like someone frozen having sex above, she could hypothetically go on ellie from the last of us nude kiss a boy or a girraffe one could argue that she fell in love in that one scene!

But that stuff hasn't happened. Kissing Riley actually happened. Everyone has the right to an interpretation, but not all interpretations are equally valid or likely. All the interpretations from that point of view are false, but you could have easily acknowledged that from the source material, even without Neail saying that it was meant to be romantic.

What bothers me is how can someone conclude that she is denfinitely lesbian only? Is it really that simple; just gay or straight, nothing nuxe Too me, saying that she is lesbian is as like when people said: How could you know that if she had no relationship in the game at all? Bart marge sexo spanish how can you suddenly say that she is only into girls based on one potential relationship because lesbian is by it's very definition love for females ONLY.

Riley and Ellie had the potential to become lovers, but that never lqst because of that runners crashing the party. Maybe they would, maybe they wouldn't, we will never know. Well, people were making sure to say "she's gay, or bisexual," until Neil said she was gay or rather, that he "wrote her as gay.

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I don't see anything wrong really with people wanting to conclude, even without reading Neil's statement, that she's a lesbian. I mean, according to your logic, we can't conclude anyone is a lesbian unless they break the 4th wall and say "I'm a lesbian," or if we literally watch their entire life until they die, seeing if they engage with a male partner. These expectations are not realistic from a storytelling perspective. We have evidence that she likes girls. No evidence she likes guys.

The only argument with actual solid evidence is lesbian. The possibility of bisexuality is there sans Neil's comment but it's just that- a possibility. Until more information is given to us in the form of a sequel or something it will remain that way. But i never thought of this until i finished left behind. I think someone already said this but i think ellie could possibly be bisexual.

Why, when you are ellie from the last of us nude bills town and ellie has that what i presume playgirl magazine. Sorry, maybe it's just me being lawyer, but in my profession, i NEED to look on the subject from all angles.

Also, there is no real evidence that Half-Life 3 will ever come out,but people still talk about it. I don't need want you to agree with me or Gear3ful if he still thinks that she doesn't care about gender at ellie from the last of us nude on this subject, but we have different angles on this thing and that's it.

I guess this will never change; unless if tlou2 ever comes out, but we don't know that. We'll just have to tolerate each other then. There's been 20 years from freacking end of the world! There is probably not a lot of new clothes around and people have to resort to whatever they have.

How does that make her anything? What does that have to do with enyone's sexuality? They saw each other as friends and that's it. She needs to get some!

They had to make a love story so that players would understand how much she lost the two being friends just wouldn't be enough. Riley just happened to be a girl, she was female long before they decided to go for a love relationship, and they couldn't just rewrite her ellie from the last of us nude a male just to tell a beautifull story. Sleeping mia game download nothing wrong with keeping your mind open to possibilities.

I didn't mean to suggest otherwise. In fact, at the photo booth scene, I remembered thinking once that Ellie may be interested in girls I think way back in a forum here actually.

Then when the kiss happened, it wasn't so much shocking to me as it was adorable and heartfelt. Because I had remained open to that possibility. There's a difference between coming to actual conclusions and remaining open to possibilities that exist, though. It strikes me as odd and unnecessary, to do so many mental gymnastics just to be able to conclude that a fictional 14 yearl old girl will also ellie from the last of us nude some dude in the future.

They highly anticipate her being with a guy later? I'd have to ask "uh, why? Drakler82, I really like your comment.: That's why I have wanted Hot xxx organize shows to be a asexual character because these ridiculous comments girls.boobs selfi you mention.

I guess people wanted Ellie in a skippy outfit. I thought maybe Sam did have a little teeny crush on Ellie. I heard comments similar to the last example like Joel need to give Ellie some D so she can stop thinking about girls or David should have raped. I'm done for real.

Oh gosh, I wasn't saying you were one of those people. You and Gear3ful showed me that quote too from Bruce earlier, and explained your thoughts really well. Like I said before, there's nothing wrong with ellie from the last of us nude open to possibilities.

Honestly, in an ideal world, we wouldn't make any assumptions about things like orientation until it actually becomes relevant to a character. And I'm sure you wouldn't have any problem if we got a sequel or something and it was more firmly established that she was definitely a lesbian or something. The people I was talking about are the many, many people who for whatever reason, think ellie from the last of us nude its impossible that Ellie is gay, because Just because.

Because it makes them feel better to know she is also into guys? It mystifys me, lol. Still arguing about her sex orientation? Well,what you gonna fight about again after this? Bill is friggin' gay and that you guys gonna argue about it again? I mean it's obvious that she's gay,Neil said too.

He's the writer and that he had said it,so it's weird if you guys still arguing It's not like I don't like a debate about something incredibles family cartoon gif xxx a game theory,but it has been confirmed that she's gay so why are you guys still arguing?

I'm just saying? I'm chilled,not angry here,just answer my question,why are you still arguing though the result was out like days ago and you could see it. Thank you! It was pointless, i guess somebody wasn't happy how things went down with Ellie and Riley so And to MayonnEgg gosh i really don't know how to properly qoute each segment on this forum: Well i appreciate that.

And no i have NO problem what so ever if ND goes that way in possible future instalments. I already told you what was my real problem in above examples desi bhabhi nude pussy i won't go to that territory again.

But what i'am sure of is that either way, ND won't do anything to Ellie's character if they don't think that it is relevant to the story. They don't answer to anyone; not brazzers big tits the homophobes, LGBT community, Sony or the toon cumshot gif but not the ellie from the last of us nude They do things because of the narrative and to tell the best story they can.

I really enjoyed reading throught the comments that I missed the last few days. I guess that almost everything that anyone wants to say on this topic has been said. Ellie from the last of us nude you for explaining your opinion on this thread, it was really interesting to look at the different arguments that different people had.

Okay my two cents. When Ashley, Neil etc say "It doesn't matter if Riley or Ellie were male, the kiss would still happen. If Ellie's a lesbian, so be it, especially since it seems leilani pantyhose ellie from the last of us nude official that she is.

The Last For Us - policy-architecture.info

Prior, though, I didn't really think she was a lesbian, that that kiss was something circumstantial, as it is something girls do sometimes because girls tend tye express their emotions more than boys, either because it's a scientific fact lf because of the familiar unwritten rules about gender roles. I mean, I was 14 once, and I've seen it with my own eyes. In some ways I distrust the Kinsey Scale, too, because it could be too dictatorial I am not upset that shes gay.

I oof upset that they threw in a love story with ellie but it doesn't really match the main game since she didn't seem that ths about the person she loved dying. The DLC was pretty much a way to get more diversity in the people buying the ellie from the last of us nude That's incorrect, sorry to say.

There's a whole bunch of things in the game that Ellie does that reminds nhde and us with her times with Riley. Of course, at first you don't realize them, but you do after you play the DLC. Riley's ellie from the last of us nude signficant than you think and I can give you a list:. So no, the DLC wasn't a way to get more diverse people to buying more games. What is you say that? People buy games regardless, so that's invalid, I'm sorry.

This game won Game of the Year because of the characters, the experience, and the story. Not because Ellie and Joel weren't lovers which is insanely gross considering she's Read between the lines, and put yourself in the characters shoes. That's the point of playing the game. Show a little more empathy. I understand that love can sometimes be a hard subject in story lines, but we've got to admit, it made the DLC more interesting.

If it was just a simple friendship, I wouldn't like it as much as I do now, and that's the honest truth. This will probably be an unpopular opinion but I would hazard that few or year-olds are even remotely settled in their sexual identities, no matter how abnormal the situation. Ellie has still got a lot of growing and lelie to do before she can firm up her grip on her emotions as well as to whom if romantically attracted. I'm sure that, if there is ever a sequel, it will be addressed more specifically.

What are you talking about? When kids mostly come out to ellie from the last of us nude parents, it's hude teenage years most likely. Being a teenager doesn't make you less experienced on your own sexuality, in fact it makes you more experienced. Are you willing to say that when you get older you can just say, "Nevermind I don't want to be straight, I want to be ellie from the last of us nude.

To be honest, I believe that Ellie can be identified as either lesbian, bisexual or pansexual. Pansexual meaning, futanaei family faking videos can be attracted to male, female, or transgendered, but only because there'ss the lack of caring about kast in the world that she's in.

I'm sure some people do care about gender, but I'd think a lot of people toss the belief, that you pf only be with the opposite gender, right out the window, and only because the most important thing to care about is either surviving and the infected.

Love can easily get knocked off the list. Not elle mention, you can lose the ones you love really quick, so love and positive relationships isn't easy to time stop porn around.

from the nude us last ellie of

She was literally born inthe world was already different. Try to imagine a world without this system we have now: Religion, laws, education; things would be so much more different. It's hence the reason Ellie swears so much, morals just aren't a thing anymore.

Yes, teens 'come out' and later switch back and forth; that's just hormones for you. Secondly, yes, people change sexual orientation if they feel like it usually in hentai clementine to a life-style crisis of some sort all the time.

How is it contradicting reality? I just gave a brief explanation on how she lives? And well, we aren't talking about reality. We're talking about ellie from the last of us nude gameand her experiences in the gameand how life is in the gameand that if reality were just like the gamethen we'd probably see ellie from the last of us nude to eye with her.

Teens come out and later switch back?

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I know what it's like to have gay friends. I have many. You can't e-hentai 3d porn be gay and ellie from the last of us nude gay anymore. It's what you're attracted to, hormones or not. I remember being in high school, teens didn't even do it in response to hormones, they did it to look "cool", hence why they can revert back to being attracted to whatever they want to be.

I don't under--whatever. People don't just change like that unless it's some over-religious family who makes their child go to therapy because rhe believe something is "wrong with them". Elle once again shook her head as Joel sat back adult porn gif and took on another challenger.

She brought her vision back to Ellie who was still watching; only lazt biting her lip; her eyes roaming all over Joel. Maria knew well enough of the crush Ellie had acquired for her protector; but these days she was having second thoughts. It really did seem like everything the girl did was to sex games on ios Joel to notice and praise her; more than a father figure laast. She wasn't sure laet she approved of Ellie's attraction for him, or if she feared it. Maria let her husband stand her up, him leaning on her as they began walking out.

The ellie lazily tailor sex video his head, eyes half lidded and slurred out, "Wasss is it Ellis? Maria was ua shocked, but had no idea how to stop this conversation ellie from the last of us nude Tommy stumbled back over and plopped down next to Ellie. I th-think [hic] he liked the challenge or something. He liked em rough and plrn as hell.

That's why he gots with that Tess gal. I think he had a thing for frim butts too! Lzst examined the serious look on Ellie's face and almost slapped her husband. She ellue ellie from the last of us nude say something, anything really; but if she knew Ellie it wouldn't matter. She shook her head and began walking with a humming Tommy towards the exit. The ellie the last of us porn nodded and left to bring a table a few more drinks. Ellie looked to where the girl was pointing and raised an eyebrow.

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A younger, average height, light skinned boy was clearly checking her out. Ellie knew who he was and just rolled her eyes before lzst the last of us porn back towards the girl, "Now sexy catwoman porn would I care if Logan was checking me out Brittany? Brittany giggled as she covered her mouth.

Out of all the people in the community Brittany was probably Ellie's closest friend besides Maria, and one of the only people she trusted completely. Brittany was a thin light skinned girl with bright blonde hair who stood about an inch shorter than Ellie. Her huge chest sometimes aggravated Onlineteachersex, not out of jealousy; ellie the last of us porn because they never stopped bouncing.

Jean xmen xxx fuck though she was considered beautiful, she chose to ignore boys; much like Ellie had. Ellis rolled her eyes once again and pushed the girl's fhe off her with a laugh, "Psh…Like ghost blowjob hentai one to talk. I heard you turned Max down the other night" She brought her face closer to the blonde, "Why'd you monster cock big gaysex him down…I heard sex in mirror do anything to please a girl".

Brittany smiled as she darted her tongue out; rubbing it sllie Ellie's lips. Little Maxi could lqst measure up to you" she said while laughing". 1xxx mobile legends pushed her away as she looked ellie from the last of us nude to make sure nobody was staring, "Your nuts".

Dllie and Brittany's relationship was odd to say the least. They'd met after about six months of Ellie living in Ellie the last of us porn. It took a 1zoro robin xxx but they became great friends.

After a while Brittany had figured out that her friend had feelings for her father figure; feelings a daughter didn't usually ellie the last of us porn for her ellie from the last of us nude. After talking to Ellie, Brittany realized Ellie did in fact love Joel; and had a lot of feeling pent up. Wanting to sexy swimsuit fuck her peaches untold tale she decided to relieve some of her stress. Ellie's face turned a bit red as she swallowed the lump in her throat.

She was in no way a lesbian; and neither oc Ffrom but they'd both decided that it was more a form for them to take some stress pon of them and ellie from the last of us nude great way to bond.

Brittany smiled looking at the older Texan before she whispered, "Then tell him ellie from the last of us nude join us…I know you'd love it… just imagine it ov.

nude us last from ellie of the

Ellie's face was now fully flushed; she gripped her jeans hard, her knuckles turning white as she did imagine adult naruto porn. I wouldn't mind; he ain't bad looking" Brittany said; almost trying to convince Ellie. She smiled as she watched Ellie froom her lip; something she did when she was clearly turned on.

Remember that diary we read? That girl said guys his age seem to be only interested in younger podn. Just go over and tell him you wanna go home. Ellie could only imagine all the things Joel could do to her; especially after getting a look at his tool earlier.

Ellie slowly started walking towards the men, her legs shaky as she sucked her lip. Without missing a overwatch pussy Ellie ducked behind a wall leading to the restrooms. Joel chuckled as he scratched his head, ellie from the last of us nude. I just free porn sites without viruses think she'd take kindly nhde me bringing elli new oorn in the house after ellie from the last of us nude this time".

Ellie's eyes widened eklie this and she listened more intensely. Kinda stupid if you ask me". Ellie listened as Joel explained how Tess was adult swim sex last time about two days before ellie from the last of us nude had met the two.

Men need to let loose otherwise they start going if. Joel couldn't help but frown as nde responded, "It' not like I don't talk to women, I just don't think a relationship is something I need really. Ellie keeps me busy so I really don't need anyone else". Joel gave the man the most celebrity fucking face he could while under the influence, "Now don't go talking about Ellie like that; she's like my daughter. A relationship like that would just be…well…odd.

The girl knows I love her and like I said, she's all I need". By this point Ellie had turned away and began walking back towards Brittany.

I chickened out…" Ellie ghe Joel's words echoing in her head. Brittany 1horse and horse fuk a cute pout as she said, ellie the last of us porn you ellje ellie the last of us porn hit your house.

Ellie the last of us porn. Hentai sex game. 3D-The Last of Us-Adult Ellie - policy-architecture.info

We could go to mine; but I don't think mom would be too happy with what we're gonna be doing…not after she caught us last ellie the last of us porn. A relationship nudf that would just be…well…odd". Ellie looked up ellie from the last of us nude surprise and saw they had arrived home.

Ellie nodded reassuringly and said, "Yeah…let's go take a shower miss swallows". The two quickly made their way to Ellie's room; stripping each other ellie from the last of us nude their cloths.

Ellie squeezed her eyes tightly; she curled her hhe the last of nyde porn as Brittany twisted her left nipple letting out a sweet loud lzst. Ellie opened her eyes at this and bit her uss. Joel said a hte with me would be odd. All he sees in me is a replacement for his daughter".

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The Last of Us isn't the solution to sexism in games, but it's a start • policy-architecture.info
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