Review of Sciatica SOS System by Glen Johnson

As we have seen, as weWhat is Sciatica SOS?


Sciatica SOS™ is a system developed by Glen Johnson in 2012 that promises to cure sciatica permanently and naturally. I first discovered the Sciatica SOS system last year when I was suffering from a terrible back pain. I was helping the wife move a cupboard when I made a wrong move and started suffering from a terrible back pain that lasted for more than four months.

What is the origin of sciatica?

Did you know that the first reason people visit the doctor is back pain? In the world, no less than 85% of the population suffers from back pain. This situation will happen at least once in their lifetime.

Therefore, we are talking more than three billion people, who, at one point in their life will suffer from sciatica. Ex-pats estimate that one person out of five will suffer from chronic sciatica for at least three months. Back pain is a problem that affects everybody regardless of age, and not reserved to senior citizens only.

Young adults and even children often suffer from sciatica. But then, where does this back pain originates? New studies on the subject seem to have an answer.

  • Mechanical back pain

As a general rule, back pain is generally attributed to what experts call a “mechanical back”. Back pain and sciatica have negative effects in your daily life, as it can disrupt your sleep, your work and everything in between. Mechanical back pain is often caused by poor posture, lifting of heavy load or physical effort that is too intense for either the bone or muscles to endure.

Sciatica is the most acute form of back pain. It is an intense sensation that is akin to a tingling sensation. It normally affects only one side of the leg, either the left or the right and can sometimes hurt from the upper leg down to the toes. The most common form of sciatica is caused by problems at the lower spine level. In 95% of cases, sciatica is linked to a muscle problem or anatomical lesions such as wear and tear of the invertebrate disc or posterior joint.

Sciatica also goes hand in hand with a herniated disc that can appear following of violent physical effort such as lifting heavy load. This can break the invertebrate disc and cause and inflammation. Pain can then start and an intense sensation is felt at the bottom and leg area.

  • Inflammatory back pain

According to clinical surveys, for 1 person out of 20, back pain often have inflammatory origins. If it is important to treat mechanical back pain, it is vital to attend to back pain caused from inflammatory origins. Generally, back pain with inflammatory origins will last for more than three months and affects people who are below the age of 45.

Suffering from sciatica for more than three months is extremely painful and debilitating. Sciatica pain is a progressive pain that sometimes comes and goes, however it can be alleviated by using simple exercises.

Sciatica pain is especially lively at night or in the early hours of the morning, that can also cause morning stiffness. It generally fades during the day. In fact, this is often the result of immunodeficiency disorders such as inflammatory discopathy and inflammatory rheumatism (arthritis).

However, in cases of inflammatory sciatica, it is difficult to diagnose the root cause of the sciatica pain. Some patients even have a correct diagnosis after a decade or more. To relieve inflammatory back pain, the doctor prescribes anti-inflammatory pills and recommends physiotherapist follow-up. Body-building for sciatica sufferers is also known to decrease the pain.

Body-building for sciatica sufferers is also known to decrease the pain.

As we have seen, they are many factors that influence back pain and sciatica in general.

To be on the safe side and help prevent this painful condition in the future, or even if you know someone who is affected from sciatica then I highly recommend you check out Glen Johnson’s SciaticaSOS system. It is an easy read and a total lifesaver when it comes to preventing sciatica. Best, it is a 100% natural program and anyone of any age can follow it, no problem! This is most definitely one of the best natural

Best, it is a 100% natural program and anyone of any age can follow it, no problem! This is most definitely one of the best natural sciatica cures that exist on the market, as of now.