The Concise Oxford Dictionary Needs Your Help To Update an Entry

It is not today that I will see the other dictionaries could follow examples like the Concise Oxford Dictionary, which interacts with the public through social networks (even has an account on YouTube! ). Oxford chooses the word of the year, creates knowledge tests about words, among other actions, to update and bring more social and public attention.

oxford dictionaries

This is a win-win situation, because as people begin to understand the function of a dictionary and incorporate it into everyday life, they also allow publishers to sell more copies.


So I think it is a laudable initiative for Concise Oxford Dictionary to support the campaign to update the entry “family” on your pages. This is the most recognized work I have ever seen, regarding extent and quality of content, so it’s only fair that it also engage a noble cause.


The project, in partnership with the Brazilian Families Association and the Rio de Janeiro City Government, seeks not only to update the meaning of the word “family” in the dictionary but also to find a reaction from the commission that discusses the status of the “family” in Brazil.


For this, they make the following question: FOR YOU, WHAT IS FAMILY?


And they have already got answers like:


“Family is the core of support. The family is what makes us love and understand the meaning of love. There are no colors, race or the right format for a family”, says a keen Facebooker.